The biggest mix of indoor and outdoor backgrounds, plenty of cool effects and proofs presented on an epic HD screen.

Since most photos are taken outdoors, please make session appointments up to four weeks in advance. When you call there may also be spots available sooner due to rescheduling.

About The Studio

JB Studios creates that unique look you are seeking. Together, we'll create a once in a lifetime memory that you will cherish for generations.

Julie's got skills and spunk — a combination that will put you at ease, make you laugh, and churn out some pretty great photos of you and your family. She is blessed with an instinctive eye that allows her to capture the inner beauty of a person.

Whether it be simple, sassy, fun, or elegant, Julie can capture that special image you are looking for.

710 State Rd 35 South
Luck, WI 54853


* Please call for more info or to schedule an appointment.

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